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I Still EXIST!

Yep really I do. It's just I've been busy elsewhere. I've had several stories published this year and that keeps a gal busy. Also working on a novel that goes between two stories -busy. Also working on building my internet presence for writing sales. Oh wrote a story for a magazine too!

Kiddo graduated high school and move out to college. BUSY

Also I've turned my crafting into a business going to local shows and selling it.

However I do miss LJ. But there are only so many spoons in a day.

Best of the holidays to you, you can choose which one you want - I don't care just enjoy it!

May. 19th, 2011

Conversation last night:

Me: Want me to turn the heat up?

Hubby: No

Me: We're both cold and you just made coffee to warm up.

Hubby: Yes but don't turn up the heat it's bad enough that it's on in late May.

Me: So instead we'll sit around in polar fleece, wearing hats, drink hot drinks, while under a blanket in late May.

Hubby: Yeah, because it's Spring dammit.

It was 42F outside and 65ish inside.

I so need this weekend away

Wonder if the girls will understand if I turned in early one evening to be in a quiet room by myself for a few hours. No kitties, no puppy, no teenager, no housecleaning no nothing but sheer aloneness... AHhhhh....

My Turn to Travel

So Kiddo and Hubby stay home this weekend and I go a'wandering. First off is to get my MP3 player (sansa clip +) to play nice with the new car radio so I can listen to my audible books on the road. THEN I worry about enough tonic & limes (though now I can't add gin to mine **pouts**) THEN I'll pack.

Need to make follow up appointments for Imp and LG they've been on their meds for a month. Good thoughts that their renal insuffiency is managed please.

Since it's been a bit stressful I made myself an appointment for a full mani-pedi on Monday. Ahh something to look forward to upon my return. (Yes I attempted to string together as many prepositions as I could in one sentence!)

Here's to life - sometimes it gets really interesting in ways I'd never thought it would!

OMG where did April go?

April was not kind. I had strep throat that went into scarlet fever. Needle had two teeth abscess and got oral surgery. Not to be out done Little Girl broke a tooth and was in vet's oral surgery the same day. Imp & Little Girl were diagnosed with renal insufficiency. Kiddo almost tore his Achilles tendon but it just slapped the bone and was inflamed to several times it's normal size. So he was on crutches for prom. Hubby has been traveling a lot for work and the Navy. So we've been tackling this as a single parent.

Won't even go into the crazy stuff the things have been done. But now I have a new cd/radio/mp3 player in my car...

So I've been up to my armpits in crud. Now preparing for graduation which we get a limited number of tickets and doesn't even take place at his high school but at another. *Eyeroll*

Sold more stories and working with those editors. Also developing another novel as the one I was working on is well done but not sold and yadayadayada.

Been beading maniac for a 12 hour craft sale I'll be participating with some other friends. It's in July. I'd rather have too much to sell and keep my table full and inviting than run short.

Oh Hubby's gone this weekend and traveling next week.... Also going on a trip with the girlfriends this weekend and getting the house ready for MIL inspection during graduation.

March Is Mean

So we had a few warm days. Hubby began garden planning "now that spring is here." I swore it wasn't. March is NEVER spring here, spring is late April, planting is late May.

Dammit I was right. We have a wintery mix today getting about an inch of snow (hey not far north of us getting a LOT more). Woke to 27F weather.

Mean March is mean. It's so dark out there right now I need lights in the rooms. The mix is clicking against the windows. It's a nasty nasty nasty day out there. Spring pfft that's weeks away yet.

I hate this. **pulls blanket around me sips hot coffee and tucks into genealogy again**

I'm a watcher

Just wanted to point other watchers over to the wonderfully professional St. Petersburg Times. I thought that long before they started reporting on Scientology. Any way their latest article is about a lawsuit claiming Scientology violated child labor & wage laws.

We are getting warmer here and I'm thrilled! Still have snow piles about but they are getting smaller. If we can make it just a few more weeks without snow I think, I hope, winter will be gone for a while. I'm spring cleaning in hopes of encourage it.

I'm starting to feel better like more I'm firing on more cylinders. Thank goodness for the supplements.

Also got a call requesting a story I've been shopping around. Send good ju-ju that they buy it!

Happy St. Patty's day. Enjoy a green beer!

Writer's Block: Working hard for the money

If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?
Having a greyhound that's easy - Professional track athlete.
Heard from the parents of some friends in Japan. Friends are alright felt it but no damage, too far south for that but still shaken from it (in many ways). Communication lines are clogged due to influx of care to the island and such. So I'll keep trying those I know stateside.

Also really don't scripture to me to say it's the end of days. We've had natural disasters for 1,000s of years... and still there have been more days. It's not more or less on a geological scale so just help those who are harmed, prepare yourself to be responsible should something happen to you, and go on. **HUGE EYEROLL**

Kiddo is pissed he has to work because he's not seen his friends in a week (been out of town due to school function). I just let him rant and rave about it - I resisted the urge to say welcome to adult life. No need throwing water on a cat having a hissy fit just makes them so angry they pass out.

Just woke from my daily nap. Yes, I'm ready for either pre-school or the nursing home because I need a daily nap. Now I'm cold and thirsty... off for a drink.

Oh and the corned beef and cabbage cooking smells wonderful.

Good news and Bad

The Bad news is Japan's earthquake and all the horror resulting from it. Anxious to hear from friends on base there or their families to let us know how they fared.

The good news is I'm starting to feel better. I think the mega doses are helping. I wear out VERY easily & require a 3 hour nap during the day. But I'm feeling better and doing more stuff because I feel like doing it.

This summer I will faithfully lay out in the sun 10 min each side on each sunny day. This Vit D deficiency (aka rickets) sucks.

It's sunny today which is good for the mood but it's non-nutritive sun - Hubby & I called it Junk-food Sun - tasty but no nutritive value. Still walking in junk food sun is still nice.


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